23 July 2012

And another thing

that pisses me off.  The word you're looking for is almost always "effect".
The word "affect" means to pose ("He affected a slouch of complete insuciance"), or to assume an unnatural condition ( "The affected look of innocence"), or the psychological condition of having a relationship with reality ("subject displayed a total lack of affect").

Thjis is not the same as the word "effect" which means to accomplish, to make, to have an influence, and another dozen or so definitions that I'm too Goddam lazy to look up at the moment.  

If you're using a verb, unless you're talking about a psych patient or an actor, you want the word starting with the letter "e". If it follows an action, you ALWAYS want the one starting with the letter "e". It's "cause and effect" damnit, And you can't have an affect on a subject.  Dear sweet bleeding baby Jesus, this is not rocket surgery!

And yet I see it everywhere.  And, yes, New York Times, I'm looking at you.  I hope you brought enough for everyone.  And don't just swallow it, I saw you chewing. 

Now class, sit up straight, and repeat after me:  An Affect is a pose, an Effect has a cause".

There, wasn't that easy?

Now I'm gonna bust your asses over "who" versus "whom".

And I'm really, really looking forward to it.

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