29 June 2012

That's Nice

The Post that Blogger Ate, in a quick summary:

The Attorney General is not immune to the law

The President of the United States is not immune to the law

What are you gonna do? Ship 'em to 'Nam?

There is no provision for law enforcement between the branches of government.  This is generally a good thing, until one finds a scofflaw SOB who is in charge of enforcing his own turf, and I'm looking at YOU Mr Holder.

It would be a nasty thing for one branch to be able to stick out its tongue and go "Nanny nanny boo boo".

It's worse when the man in charge of the implementation of justice for the whole country says that he's above the law.

Dickey Nixon tried, and was hoist on his own petard. That's why everyone hates him*   That's where we got the whole "independent council" rigamorole.  Which didn't work then and won't work now.

Doesn't anyone remember (for the love of God it must have all of 2 years ago) that the White House and    Department of Justice shut down all the independent Inspectors General? For finding out bad things?

I weep.

Now I must drink much beer, for my refrigerator has failed, and succor must needs wait probably until a week from now.

*Other than the Wage and Price Controls, and the establishment of the Fiat Dollar, and...

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