21 April 2012

Re-inventing the wheel

So, blogger has done another damn interface change.  Big whoop.  I spend so little time here that it's trivial.  And yes, I regularly do math in my head that has no actual numbers.  Damn right, I'm Scary-Smart.

The father of an old buddy of mine (hi, Tim) was asked how he felt about change in the engineering bidness, now that he was an old fart and couldn't understand all the CAD stuff. IIRC: "You kids think you invented SEX.  I sat down, got the book and read it, and two weeks later I was correcting their errors".

Old folks rock.

And Jazz.  Annie Ross, great singer, who I understand is still counting birthdays. (My mother told me "women have birthdays, men have ages), but Lambert Hendricks and Ross's album "The Hottest New Group In Jazz" was released in 1958 (sorry for vanishing there for a moment, had to double-check the release date) and won the Downbeat poll for best new record in the BRAND NEW LONG PLAYING RECORD FORMAT .

I am assuming., inasmuch as her first LP (ooooh, wow, I mean really first long playing jazz record, ask your parents kids)was released before I was born that she may be a bit older than I am. But here she is at the Playboy Club:

Lousy video quality, but still.

Here's the studio version:

I always knew that I was a genius.But I never had Count Basie back me up on the eightyeights.

If you're a real asshole, click the link to see how old she is  It's a Wikipaedia link, no foul.  But your mother will be disappointed with you.  Really,

Ah the Hell with it, I'm feeling better;

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