01 November 2011


More funerals, fewer weddings, even fewer baptisms.

Leon Day was a trilobite, a perfectly preserved relic of another time. A gunnie, and a recognized expert in ballistics for shoulder and hand arms, often published; Trotskyite, atheist. I hadn't seen him for a quarter century.

Leon Day. He dead.

I feel the less of myself for not staying in touch. But then I always do. I just changed phone companies, and now I have to decide if I want to keep those numbers in memory.

Yeah, David, yeah John, yeah Carol, and now, Leon.

In the memory.

God Bless

I think Leon would have appreciated this:

David Wolpe, a los Angeles rabbi: “I would say it is appropriate and even mandatory to do what one can for another who is sick; and if you believe that praying helps, to pray. It is in any case an expression of one’s deep hopes. So yes, I will pray for him, but I will not insult him by asking or implying that he should be grateful for my prayers.”

I think Leon would approve.

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