19 August 2011

Economic Stimulus - Everybody Gets A Pony!

The new "Everyone Gets A Pony" (EGAP) program stimulates job production in the Farrier (horse-shoeing) sector, as well as entry level employment in stall-mucking and manure handling areas of the economy.

It will enhance the pony-production industry, calling for the renewal of valuable pony stud service infrastructure.

The agricultural areas are not left out, indeed, the proliferation of demand for feedstock (hay) will be accompanied by an increased output of valuable fertilization products.

In addition, the stable and husbandry fields will get a shot in the arm, as pasturage and shelter prices for the ponies will display a dramatic upsurge due to increased demand.

This Act will appeal to the pre-teen girl demographic, which, it is well known, has its daddies wrapped around its collective little finger.

'Course, in real life what we've got is an individual mandate which targets a special interest, has huge costs, and the output is horseshit.

But we had good intentions.


You can syndicate any boat you row!

It's the Beatles, so you can't argue.

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JC said...

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