02 June 2011

You Just Can't Make This Shit Up

This is Just whack.

St Louis Missouri cops, "in response to a neighbor's call" shoot and kill a man's harmless alligator. Oh, yeah, it was made of concrete.

The Fox News report tells a bit more. The guy was at home, working in his garage. The first he heard about it was gunshots in his back yard. Evidently the danger to the local population (and, more importantly, to Law Enforcement Officers) was such that the po-po couldn't be bothered to inform the homeowner of the threat in his own backyard. I don't know about you, but when I work in the garage, it's usually kinda obvious. Table saw noise. Cursing as the damn wrench slips. The occasional "ka-boom" as a batch of crystal meth overheats. You know the drill.

But NO. The 5-0 respond to a threat and they damn well take care of it!

The homeowner says he put the concrete crocodilian there to deter unwanted visitors. Shit, my ex used to have a shipping crate labeled "Caution, Venomous Reptiles" open within sight of the back gate. Well, it had been used to ship some cobras, but...

Liz! That sea serpent in the ground cover next to your pool? It could be next!

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David Falloure said...

Garden gnomes beware.