20 May 2011

I'm a Lucky Guy

When I was in hospital with the consumption, my father lent me his Kindle. Well, it bricked, and the replacement bricked, and I now have one slaved to my own Azamon account.

I've gone and hit the Azamon "Free Kindle Books" mart rather hard. Most of the free stuff is older, but I'm older, too. Economics from Basstiat! Lewis Carrol! Kipling! Chesterton! Belloc! All those dead guys!

A lot of this stuff is to replace things lent or given to others in the past. But seriously, free Mark Twain? Sign me up.

FREE! FREE! I've downloaded close to a hundred free books. A lot I've taken on spec, by reputation. But it doesn't matter. Because they're FREE.

(Collapses, sobbing: "Free books, no return date, why did I ever like crack cocaine when this was so close?)

Now what's needed is an armoured, waterproof, vibration resistant version - a Kombat Kindle, as it were _ that could put up with a cyclist.

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