30 May 2011


At an old buddy's 0.5C birthday get-together, the talk tended eventually (as it always does) to the coming Zombie Apocolypse. I lamented that all I have on hand is a sporterized '08 Mauser in ought six. "That's like, a muzzle loader, right - pour the powder, then the bullet?_"
Describe the evolution of the metallic cartridge, from the '62 Henry, through the Krag, the Peterson, the '02 Springfield.
"So, you really pour the powder down the barrel, right?"
Guy knows shift patterns for the 3 in the tree 50's Chevys. Details on early strats. Serial numbers on vintage Les Pauls and Martins. Even realizes that jalapenos are an important part of this complete breakfast. But had never heard of John M9oses Browning (PBUH).
OTOH, he did admit to having a Mossberg 12g in the linen closet, and a S&W Chief's Special in the bed side table. OTOOH, last range tinme was ..like..maybe '88, no really '91.
Reprat facepalm

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