29 April 2011

Twistey sky

So our God-Emeror in chief has done exactly what in tornado relief? Remember, he is the One who sould roll back the seas (cause of all that global warmening stuff)

But boy could he get up and bitch and moan about Dubya not taking sufficient and quick action in supplying air conditioning for the busses that ended up dwownded. Like the folks who refused to leave 'cause there has no A/C on the emergency busses.

It's more important to make the makeup call for Oprah. Then head off to New Yawk City for another massive fundraiser.

I'm an old fart with nothing to lose, so let me tell you: the guy doesn't care about re-election. He's done the damage he can in 4 years. Now he's feathering his own nest. Seriously. If the Democratic Party were to run a primary challenge, he'd jsust say "whatever" and take off with an estimated billion with a a B dollars.

Our work is done here, Tonto. Nothing to see, folks, just move on.

Here's a concept to conjour: Teh Donald as a Democratic primary challenger. He could do it out of petty cash that his secretary keeps in the drawer near her lovely knees. Sorry, that was uncalledfor. Thinking about too many thigs at the same time, no doubt.

But Tuscaloosa? Ain't they all bigots and raaaaaascists? Serves them right. Just sorry that them ternaders missed that pesky Reynolds dood. I hear that he has protein smoothies made out of puppies every morning. That's what makes him so strong.


David Falloure said...

Where' the like button for this post?

JC said...

Well God bless you David me ould buddy.