20 April 2011

Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi

There's a word: PRIVILEGE. It means a special set of laws for the exalted. For those without Latin, the head translates as "What is permitted the Gods is not allowed the commones", or literally, "What's allowed Jove is not allowed the cattle. Same difference.)

The Legislature regularly passes bills which exempt them from the effects of the same ligislation. Xopnme of the more egregious examples include Occupational Safety and Health, Pension, Fair Labor Standards Practice Act, and Medicare/Medicaid. The standards of ethics are of simular rigor.

And let's not even go into the prevalent policy of "Make it so". That might work for Picard, but he can stil find his ass in front of a StarFleet Commission of Inquiry and Court-Martial.

Congress passes laws. There is no provision for turning over the making of laws to a bunch of minions. At least not in the copy of the Constitution that I got for free from The Heritage Foundation many moons ago (they still have the deal, too. Get yours now!).

Still less does that battered old bawd, the Constitution of these United States, allow for the President to say...""Well, I like this bit, but not that, and the part where they said I don't have the power to appoint and pay huge salaries to Tsars and their staffs, well, that's just mean and I won't go along with it!".

Well sorry ChumpChange, that's not in the rulebook. You think the rules don't apply to you. Allowing tens of millions of dollars in illegal contributions by unchecking a default setting on the damn PayPal button? Must have been an inadvertant, misguided action by an overenthusiastic fundraiser.

Yo, law perfessor dude! The actions of the servant are the acts of the master. Not new stuff, I'm your age and I learned it WITHOUT going to law school! (B-law,undergrad, Rice U '81, Hank Hudspeth, prof). If you have a problem with that then we can talk DUE DILIGENCE, huh! The link's to a PDF, so it must be serious.

Damn, I just get so tired sometimes, fighting off teh stoopid. It's not enough that I have a damn debilitating diease. No, there's all sorts of special pleading for exceptions. Try reducing all of this crap to cop-versus-driver. Sec Treas: "Must have been a fault with my speedometerthat caused me tnot to pay my taxes". Cop, "Fine, tell it to the Judge in the morning". Sec Treas "But I'm IMPORTANT!". Cop, "Fine, tell it to the Judge next week after I've filled out your IMPORTANT paperwork. If I can find it." ("Asshole")

So, how's that "Liberty and justice for all" working for you now, huh? You have tried to set up a seperate but unequal system of laws for you and yours. I won'yt deny that this has occurred in the past, but I will defy you to find a more blatant and one-sided version of the game.

Old Sam Vimes had it right: " the more laws there are, the more criminals you'll find". And the more different types of law one has, the more the disparity.

Privilege. It only works in secret, and it ain't secret no more.

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Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is: Quod licet lovi, non licet bovi.