26 April 2011

Damn Doves

Not the political or military types, but the Mourning ones. (We've got Mourning, Whitewing, and Inca Doves in Houston).

My mother claims that they say "who cooks for you". Which is odd, considering that the calll is put out by male doves, who don't cook at all, and a damn good thing it is or else we'd be having nests catching fire and useless roasted little eggs falling out of trees. An OGF thought the call was a bunch f owl, which scared the shit out of her, until I disabused her of the notion. I've always thought that they were trying to sing "I Am The Walrus , but could only get the "Koo koo ka choo" part.

This morning, though, I could swear that they were saying "Make up your bed!"

Getting old, am I?

1 comment:

JC said...

Oh, and "everybody smoke pot"