12 March 2011

New Box

$99.99 at MicroCenter. I had a decent flatscreen monitor on hand, plus extra DVD drive amd memory expansion cards, but form factor won't work with my wireless, video, and sound cards. No, I'm not a hardware geek, I just happen to have a parts bin of stuff pirated off dead boxes.
I still love my Linux netboo k, but sometimes you just gotta have WinDoze. Now I've just got to gert used to a full sized keyboard again (Yay!). Already duplicated all the files, bookmarks &c onto a tflash drive the sixe of my thumb that holds the equivalent of a moving box of floppy disks amd cost $5.00. I really do date back to IBM punchcards, and I actually used cassette tape drives back in the days of DOS.
Damn thing sounds like a fucking F-16 powering up for takeoff, though. Need a new amp to drown it out. (1970's Marantz is suffering term,inal preamp failure), so I may be off to AzaBayList for teh cheepness. Wadda you want of a lousy C-note? Rubber Biscuits?

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