26 March 2011

Democracy in the Middle East

My prediction is for the classic version.
One man, one vote, one time.
Then the Mullahs take over.

I've been an informed amateur student of the Middle East since before the Ayatollah, andI agree with the sainted PJ O'Rourke (quotation from memory) "One by one and man to man Arabs are the salt of the earth – generous, hospitable, brave, wise, and so forth. But get you in a pack and shove a Koran down your pants and you act like a footlocker full of glue sniffing civet cats"

Ok, I double checked it and I left out the "footlocker" part I have Muslim friends. Each one is a wonderful person. But as soon as they get back to Karachi or Riyhad or whereve3r, they turn into antiSemitic, hateful, woman-oppressing, Islamist jihadist assholes.
No shit, and I'm looking at YOU Pascal particularly. Your mother and I expected better of you.
Let's look at the typical responses of typical Americans versus those of typical Islamists:
Trespass: Clint Eastwood version: Obtain weapon, shout "Get off my yard"
Islamist version: Die Infidel scum! (launch missiles and mortar fire at women and children in the next subdivision).
Insult: (James Coburn version) "Smile when you say that".
Islamist fersion: "Die, uncircumcised sons of monkey pig-dogs! The hand of the righteous is upon you! "
Don't like the Neighbors: (US version) Create satirical situation comedy, being sure to cast the castigated neighbors in a sympathetic light.
(Islamist version) Set bombs in marketplaces, busstops and other areas heavily trafficed by women and children.
Shooting War: (Western Civ version) paint all weapons the same shade of green, have soldiers wear uniforms, protect women and children
(Islamist version) Wear local clothes, cover faces, hide weapons emplacements in churches and schools. Then disguise yourself as a woman in a burkha and escape.

Now here's something that the Anti-Western_Civ folks have picked up: hiding the face. I don't like it.

Wassamatter? Ain't you PROUD of what you've done? Somebody else might steal your thunder, claim to have been the chickenshit that threw that bomb that killed those folks waiting for the bus, that high school field trip of young flks learning about multiculturalism.

You Islamists, who care for People of the Book as your Prophet (PBUH), wazzis with the yid hatred? They have the dietary rules closest to yours. The only difference between Halal and Kosher is who says the words. (Notice alphabetical order).

No, it's got to be "Me against my brother, me and my brother against my cousin, me and mt cousins against the village" and so on. Your belief system is defined in terms of enemies, and you'll never run out of them. Not so long as I draw breath.

Like Communism and Fascism, Islamism will only prevail when it is universal. This cannot and will not happen, although I cannot say that I foresee a terribly bright future in the short to medium term.

Our arsenal of freedom is being depleted. The most essential and portable of weapons, the human voice, is being hobbled in defense of the "feelings" of others. I risk prosecution and lawsuits if I offend the easily offended. This legal Jui-Jitsu is being employed to great effect throughout the Western world, in Scandinavia, in the UK, in France. There are areas of de facto Shari'a rule.

There's also a clause in the immigration laws that asks if one advocates the overthrow of the government by force. Enforcement of that clause might pull a lot of "student visas", greencards, and so on.

There are schools, madrassas, recognized by local school systems (and mine is one) which teach nothing but the Qu'ran. Let 'em do it in Sunday school, like the Babdis, Whiskeypaleian, and Cat-o-licks do.

Don't folks realize that every concession to Islam is a step in the direction away from the establishment clause? Allowing Shari'a courts is exactly that, the establishment of a recognized religion as being outlide mundane legal authority?

Our own petard, our own rope. Are we really this stupid?

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