21 January 2011

Travis Corcoran, lest we forget

Known across the Blogosphere as TJIC (evidently his parents felt the extra name was significant) has had his personal property seized, his license to own, keep, transfer and use (evidently in Mass they're very orderly about that stuff) firearms revoked due to a blog post.

I remember the outrage surrounding this:

Wherein a well known musician rejoices in the sinking of a boatload of lawyers.

Oh, that's right! It was a JOKE!

On top of that, Travis's blog has been suspended by his ISP.

C'mon, folks. I've quoted Willy the Shake here - "First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" (Hank 6, pt2).

The man is being persecuted, hounded, deprived of his rights under the First and Second Amendments, without a charge being raised against him.

Now get this: he has received offers of contributions for legal defense. Travis has suggested that instead the moneys be donated to the church of your choice.

Proud, yes. Stupid, maybe. Adminable, no question. If you're a fan of comic books (oops - graphic fiction), you might help out by steering some of your purchases through Heavy Ink. That's his day job.

(Update some month and a half later) I see that this post didn't get posted at the time, but TJICistan is still down , and I'm not finding much follow-up. This may be the fatal flaw in our bright shiney interwebtubenethighwaythingey - the short attention span. We are largely reactive creatures. We perceive a threat and react, but once the threat goes away we forget it. We must learn from our mistakes, or, even better, from other's mistakes, and remember. That's why I keep dead folks' phone numbers in my phone memory, and tht's why I haven't deleted http://tjic.com/ from my bookmarks.,

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