17 November 2010

Late Returns

So as of a few minutes ago, there are still a half dozed HoR seats and one Senata\e seat still being disputed.

Uh, I forgot about this bag of soldiers votes,

Ooh, ooh, just found this bag of votes at the bottom of the lake!

Arf, arf, Timmy's trapped at the bottom of the well!

It just makes me sick. Every goddamn time it works out the same way - unless the Supreme Court takes it behind the barn and puts a bullet through its head,
Cheaters will cheat until they can't any more. Every iteration of a recount allows more cheating. Cheaters will change the rules after the game is played.

How did it get this way? Where if the honorable loser and the magnanimous victor? How did the process get to the point that fighting the good fight was not enough, but clawing and scrabbling in the pileup became standard? I mean, when the ball hits the ground, the play's over, right?

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Rog said...

Ok, mf, I will give you the short version since this blasphemed iPhone is useless for the interweb by itself and I hate lugging around forty pounds of laptop crap.
You could spend forty lifetimes tellingus what you hate and not get through.
Shut up and play yer guitar; fix my fuckin' Alvarez; show me how to play lil' wing (again); and let me know what we can do to help.