23 November 2010

Hate hate hate

Not political, not social, but musical.

I HATE "My Way". Every damn celeb has sung it, from George Foreman to Mark Spitz. A self-congratulatory, narcissistic paen to Me ME only Me,, suitable as a theme song for the self-absorbed and creepy. Frank Sinatra himself didn't like the tune. (According to Wiki, it was commissioned for David Bowie, which would be a travesty of different sorts.) (I do love both David Bowie and Frank Sinatra, but really...).

The song sucks. Anyone who sings it is suffering from narcissicistic disorder and delusions of grandeur. The leels of braggidocio and hubris are incompatible with a decent life. And that goes for anyone who uses it as a music bed for a retrospective , a documentary, or a modest talent spot.

Curses on you, and on the song.

1 comment:

KurtP said...

I'm glad I haven't had to hear 0bamas version yet.