12 June 2010

Obama's Katrina

I remember Katrina. The city of Houston was inundated by refugees from New Orleans, and the level of misery was quite high. I put a couple of them up on my tofu sofa.
Then we found out some of the problems. Lack of maint on the levees. Squadrons of school buses deployed and unused. Tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment offered and refused.
Yeah, this is Obama's Katrina all right. But he ain't Bush. He's Ray Nagin.
Dubwa lifted the Jones Act (requiring US Flagged and Operated vessels to be used in territorial waters). But Brother Ray refused to accept aid offered.
In the same way, our Lord and President has refused offers of assistance from countries (most notably Sweden) who have experience with handling deep water problems.
For my part, I hold Ray Nagin personally responsible for those who drowned because the evacuation buses lacked air conditioning.
Don't expect analysis here, I'm shooting from the hip at the moment.
Just sayin'. y'know.


Red said...

Many of us here in Louisiana know exactly where you're coming from.

Red said...

Totally linked.