10 April 2010

Panini Press

I said I should give it its own posting, so here it is.

It's a Bella Cocina model that I saw at Target about 2 months ago. It attracted my attention because it has a Magic Button (Not mentioned in the product description) that undoes the stop on the hinge allowing it to open up a a grill. (The Foreman grill models I've seen don't have this feature, as they only heat from the bottom.)

There was only the display unit, none in stock. $25, which I could not justify considering the current condition of the economy. That is to say that my wallet was thin. Fuggit.

2 weeks later, still just the display unit, and not listed on the targetdotcomdotcom. Fuggidabodit.

2 weeks ago,still just the display unit, labeled "clearance $10".

Sold American.

Does sammiches of course) but when opened up to grill aspect has space for 8 pokchops (stet) or a couple 'Murrican sized steaks.

I haz.

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