09 April 2010

The MFA Hates Me

The choice of a location for a first meeting of an online friend (OK, dating site catch) can be a bit fraught. I don't drink coffee, you can't talk during a movie, and dinner is a bit intimidating (as well as potentially expensive, and the talking-with-your=mouth-full thing). So it hit me! The Museums!

Cheap verging on free, intellectual, plenty of chat opportunities...

Can't miss, right?

Thus far, 2 calls from emergency rooms within one hour of date (1 broken leg, 1 emergency appendectomy, confirmed by caller ID and follow up calls for situation report to charge RN.), 1 car wreck (it made the local news), and one family emergency (sudden death of a neighbor, EMS on site confirm).

Houston's Museum of Fine Arts is a lovely place, and has free admission of Thursdays when they're open until 9p. Everyone in the Metro area can find it, there's copious parking, much of it free (TAKE THAT, all you other, lesser cities, and I'm looking at you NYC, Dallas and LA). There's even a quiet bar nearby (Ernie's On Banks, if you insist) with a good juke and a set of honor system library shelves. Nonetheless, it seems to be dripping bad karma at me.

Maybe I should try another museum. Natural History? Filled with schoolchildren. Contemporary Arts? Bohos in black. Health Sciences? Doesn't segue nicely to liquor and cigarettes, plus the huge STD installation gives off the wrong vibe. Maybe the DeMenille next time - neat Surrealism, decent coffeehouse in the area, pleasant walking district. And if you get lost I can guide you in on the Cell, right?

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