11 February 2010


Laid in a vast supply of Purina Bachelor Chow (tm), ramen,peanut butter, 3 pork (buckandahalf per pound_ can't beat it with a stick) loins, onions, veg, bread,KnorrSuisse cubes (it's one word in Spanish), and some staples. About 20 bucks for grub that should last over 2 weeks.

Carolina-style barbecue (it's too cold to cook outdoors, so I'll just have to make do) is currently reducing to sweet stringiness in the slow cooker. Onna bun, in a tater, scrambled into eggs, frozen into a brick for perimeter defense – is there anything it can't do?


Longhaired Conservative said...

You're speaking of the pulled pork variety? Luv that stuff. Luv it. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

So what do you do with your pork loin in the slow cooker? We need recipes!

JC said...

You got it! Check recent post.