28 January 2010


There's a basic reason that will lead to the long term failure of Islam., and it's the same reason that the religion has become a movement.


Seems like the old men
Got all the money.
And the old men
Got all the women.
And the young man
Ain't got nothing in the world these days.
Sweet fuck-all.

The Who's adolescent angst had nothing going on the Mullahs. Particularly if your old man has just decided to marry your girlfriend. And add her to his collection in the compound.

Lookit, if you can't even see the merchandise, it makes sense to buy in big lots. Marry many, and you end up with some keepers.

But the young man (who ain't got nothin' in the world these days) does in fact have something. A huge testosterone backlog. Because, if you look closely at the rules, extramarital sex is a good way to get stoned. At the city gates. Buried up to your neck. Until you're dead.

But lo, there is an exception!

Infidel sluts! They're not even really human, when you come down to it. I mean the strolling pup tents of the faithful might be really hot, but how can you tell? Plus they're all taken. Ergo, the only way to get laid is to...take slaves! They can't complain. They might even enjoy it, 'cause they haven't had their fun centers removed by the local imam. (Can you think of anything more repugnant than to create sex slaves who can't even enjoy it?)

So the Middle East has conspired to create a cadre of young men with nothing to lose. Even the scions of the rich must wait for the deaths of their fathers to get their dicks wet.

Sad, innit?

BTW, ther's an interesting bit on the subject at Atomic Nerdsn that bears reading.

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