27 December 2023

My Famous Pea Soup Recipe

My Famous Pea Soup Recipe Take a knife to that ham bone, removing all viable chunks over say thumb size, and remove the sad bone portion to a large crock pot. Chop up the ham remnants. Try not to eat too much. Add water to cover, along with a large onion roughly chopped, and about the same amount of chopped celery. (You got a bunch of celery, didn't you. And some pimento cheese. And it's all left over save one tablespoon of the cheese, and half a stick of celery.) Put it on low. Leave it alone. Don't even look at it for at least 4 hours. Have a drink or 8. Take a nap. Take the dog for a walk. Now leave it alone for another couple hours. Who's a good boi! Yes you is! Now you can look at it. Pull out the bone, which by now should resemble something found in the Sahara. Good! Add liquid, and by liquid I mean that pot liquor from cooking the ham, what drained into the roasting pan what you cooked the ham in. Dump in 2 bags of dried split peas. With the ham chunks. If that's not enough, use some of that turkey stock you got on the back burner, or that half bottle of cheap Chardonnay. Water can be used, but, really, WHY? Get it back up to a slow simmer, and start adding leftovers. Roast potatoes with baby carrots, mushrooms, and onion = good. Sweet potatoes? Not so good. They go into pancake batter. Asparagus goes into a quiche. Leftover pies are discommended (they go into ice cream). God alone knows what happens to that sad sad sad green bean casserole with the Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup and French's Fried Onions. (Please clean up after your dog). Should yield about 6 quarts, which can be frozen until Hell freezes over (found some 8 year old – wonderful!) Serve: as a soup with some nice bread, maybe a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt and a sprinkling of paprika, as 'mushy peas' with fish and chips, or with a 'pork pie floater' should you be a Strine. Bon Apetit!

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Anonymous said...

i know a similar recipe for pea soup. used to cook it on the stove. the slow cooker recipe is way better. pete.