14 April 2022

Been a while boys and girls

Life is good. For a given value of 'good'. 'Up to a point, Lord Copper'. For the 5th time in 4 days I've been excised from FB for a common joke, MeWe. Gab and Parler take ages to load on my browser, and Twitter takes a good 2 minutes. Not sure how long Blogger will allow me to speak my piece. Personal life? Sucks, nothing of interest to anyone who doesn't have my phone number. 5 friends have reported new cancers. Stop it, please. Of course I will pray for you, but my knees are over 60 years old. My brain. well it's a thing. Rocking between The Horndog Years (from, call it 15 to 50) and the incursion of the timor mortis conturbat me. The Covid years have been very bad for me. Lucrative work has vanished. Musical work is no longer. Very big suck. I've got serious COPD, having lost half a lung to TB, and I limp quite horribly.thanks to being run over by a bus. But I do what I can. I climb onto my bicycle (I can't afford to keep a car, it's an early 70s Raleigh, and I love it very much). I smile, and I say howdy, and folks smile back and that's a GOOD THIMG. My smiles and waves are getting a 200% return on investment.

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