31 October 2021

To keep from being expunged

Evidently. Google wants me to post to keep the blog alive. So I haven't posted for months. Meh The UK seems to want everyone to use heat pumps. Maybe it's a different thing there. (cf 'boot' on a car, not on a foot), I worked a building that used heat pumps. Hour per month maintenance per unit. 10 story building. 30 units per floor Equals 300 heat pumps. 4 x 40 hour week. Doesn't fit. So I come up with a protocol that cuts it to 20 minutes per unit, or with the princely investment of about $12 per unit in parts, obviates the hour's labor. 'NO' Okay. In person, I'm a slob. But an organized slob. The shop at this building had no As Builts, no schematics, no one-lines. Dick. Fuck-all. Sweet Fanny Adams. I mapped that motherfucker. Every outlet, every fixture, labeled with the breaker and panel, the way the Baby Jesus intended. I did this on my weekends, because you have to let the goddamed heat pumps run for a full hour to see if they're actually working, and I have a magic box. (It's a 277vac light switch in a rubberised case, with a plug on a pigtail. Plug it in, flip the switch for a dead short, and you know what's on that circuit.) I had problems with this job. I moved into an apartment half a mile from the place of work. Nice! I'll bicycle! "You must use your assigned parking space!" for my bike? I'll just keep it in the shop. Plenty of space since I've cleaned out literal tons of trash.'You have an assigned parking space!' No bike rack. I got fired for having 2 buttons undone on my shirt. Hotel I worked for was worse. Can't keep your bike in the shop. Can't keeep your bike in the warehouse. You must park on the rooftop area. You can't take a parking space. I ended up dangling it over the edge of the parking area 5 floors up. Made the local news. Got fired for cursing in Russian.

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