12 January 2021

I told you

 I guess I could be rich. A buddy asked me to help him on a project for housing Vets. I looked at it and said NO. It was a federal subsidy which fell through. My buddy didn't know any vets, didn't care about vets, but saw a sugar teat that he wanted to suck. I don't blame him. I declined to join his effort because I thought it was immoral and corrupt.

But he was trying to tell me 'it's for the vets', and he really believed that he could make big money doing that. Step back and take a good look.

Doesn't look so good from here. I mean, he really thought he might do some good. Thinking was never his strong suit, he's on wife #5

Go into the 'Smart House' dealio! Totally interactive, intertubenetweb connected all-smart iFridge holistic internet enabled living environment! You're a smart guy (actually, I'm not), you can do this stuff! Sorry, I have read enough Phil Dick characters trying to get the fridge to open without a valid credit card. Blow that for a game of soldiers. So now some POS working for the man can program Alexa to play nothing but vintage uplifting Soviet music for you. Or Nickelback. (Which spellcheck recognizes).

I said NO, no fucking way was I going to be a part of that. Any cat could hack it, or a big cat could just make you despereasciado. Step back and take a good look.

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Angus McThag said...

Let's assume that everything on a SmartHome works the way they claim it will AND isn't a massive hacking risk or privacy problem. <-- This is what we call a "given".

The average vet is someone who can be sealed into a steel room, naked, with a bowling ball and an anvil for an hour... and when you open it back up: He's dressed. The bowling ball is missing. The anvil is broken.

When you ask him how this happened, he will firmly state, "I dunno!"

Now, give them a SmartHome...