13 August 2012

Is This Really Good Idea?

The Dextrosphere is getting all gooey over Paul Ryan's  nomination to be the running mate for Mitt Romney, and (hate to harsh your mellow), I'm not convinced it is in fact the best of all possible worlds.  That dear sweet man Mike Hendricks, sums it up for me: Bucket of warm piss awarded to Paul Ryan! 

Seriously, what do we gain here?

Sure, he'll motivate the Conservative base.  Sure, like the base was all going to desert and vote Libertarian?

He's strong in Wisconsin!  Which has been moving toward the right pretty inexorably, to judge from the recall elections and such.

He's so principled, such a good budget guy!  Making policy as Vice President by way of speeches at funerals of dead folks.   

But he's got such dreamy blue eyes!  You've got to be kidding me.  I know,  some of the  Right Chicks (said with no intention of disrespect)  have gotten all weak-kneed and damp...eyed at his good looks, but from a strategic point of view, this is a loser.  Follow me on this.  Mitt is a honky with hazel eyes, Ryan is a honky with blue eyes.  This is not a win. Do you folks think that if you really like  candidate that much, your vote will count for more?  On the other hand, there is now a white bread sandwich, featuring Velveeta as the headliner.

Why not a brown eyed handsome man?  Herbert Cain?  Condi Rice (2-fer!)?  Allen West?

Even assuming that the Black vote is in the bag for Obama, , how's about Bobby Jindal? Or, even better, Marco Rubio.

But here's where we get into epic fail territory. If we win we have to get a new head for the Budget Committee.  Whoio's gonna step into them shoes, huh?  Somebody a lot less committed to the cause, that's who.  Another time serrver, RINO, go-along-to-get-along POS.  That's who.

And we have a good-looking, well qualified, principled  holder of a bucket of warm piss. 

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